Twin Birch

Harbour View

Prime waterfront cottage with a fantastic view towards Wellington Harbour and West Lake is non-smoking/no vaping and scent free, perfect[...]


Sandbanks Ontario - Waterfront cottage is non-smoking/no vaping and scent free great for 2 people but can accommodate up to[...]

West Lake

Westlake Ontario. This cottage has a stunning lake view and is non-smoking/no vaping/scent free, great for 2 people as it[...]


Wellington - Prince Edward County. This cottage has a large deck with a lovely view towards the harbour and light[...]

Loyalist Suite

The Loyalist Suite is non-smoking/no vaping/scent free and can accommodate up to 6 people (adults and children in total). Pricing[...]

GrapeVine King Suite

This King-Suite is non-smoking/no vaping and scent free. Not suitable for children, not pet friendly and has no kitchen/cooking facilities.[...]
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